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Smart Phones are so expensive before until local competitors in different countries emerged. Open source Operating systems for mobile phone and cheap hardware helped these emergence happened. At present time, Apple, Microsoft and other big guys in the market are not the only players in distributing good quality smart phones. They also found the need to produce smart phones that can meet the pocket of the ordinary people. Filipinos also have their own smart phones for cheaper price but almost the same quality and reliability compared with other expensive smart phones.

Cherry Mobile, MyPhone, Torque, Cloud Phone and Star Mobile are the top producer (if my term is right) of local smart phones. There mobile and smart phone are fully feature like of other expensive smart phones though there are rumors and some are saying that usual problems in these phones are their battery, not actual problematic but intentionally made with lower Amps per Hour( mAh – Battery Capacity). These is the capacity of the battery last longer in certain operation. A 4″ screen usually needs 2000 mAh battery to last a day in full power operation. But still the rest of the features of these smart phone brands are great and even surpasses popular smart phones. Cloud Phone, in my personal opinion is the only Pinoy Smart Phones offers larger capacity of battery.

This is only base on my personal observation and research though you can research on your self. They are also trying to keep up with other smart phone brand by producing new models with new features. There might be better Pinoy Smart Phone released at this very moment.

Thank you to these mobile phones companies because of them Ordinary Filipinos can experience and be more effective (I believe modern technology should help people be more effective) in whatever we are doing.



The vehicle famed as the “King of the road” or “Hari ng Lansangan” can only be find in the Philippines. It is remake model of a world war II jeeps. It is now the widely used public utility vehicle. SARAO motors helps popularized the vehicle and distribute all over the country and now automotive engineers are building new and futuristic jeepneys.

Jeepneys in the province are bigger and has more elevated wheels to avoid boulders in the rough roads in rural areasjeepney-province.





























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Salary Loan

The Easiest and Fastest Processing Salary loan for Public School Teachers: CitySaving’s Salary loan

This is my first year of service as a Public School Teacher and for several months I am getting my payslips and my salary yet, so all our savings cosumed and I had to borrow money from my friends and good folks. I have recieve my first payment after ten month. It kinda big a mount of money but but just a little more than just enough to pay money that I borrowed. Budgeting for a family with 4 members with two schoolers and your wife pregnant is expensive. In addition to that, I had no income for three months before going in to the public service. To make the my story short, just common delimma for newly hired teacher in the province, I only used my first salary for several months to pay debt.  Then after, I was planning to borrow money again, since I predicted that it will be several months again before I will reviece my regular payroll.

So, one saturday, I heard a rumor that a financing¬† instution is providing easy salary loan for DepEd Teachers and they are willing to provide loan also for thos newly hired teacher whose not yet receiving official payslip provided that they are appointed and has their assignment order. I log on to to to read the details and I very hesistant at first because they are not telling anything like that in there website. They primarily required payslips. I asked my cousin who is planning to get a loan form CitySavings and ask what she knows about that. According to her, her co-teacher, whose a newly hired teachers also had just get loan from that instutions and she said “Madali Laang kailan laang ng Appointment, Assignment Order, First day at Cedula at makakaloan ka na agad, mabilis laang pati ang release.”

The next day, since I will going to Mauban South, Central School for our multi-grade district coordinators and head teacher’s meeting I went earlier in to Lucena City to inquire for the said salary loan handing the requirements my cousin said. According to them they are providing that kind of loan for even without official pay slip yet provided that I have the following:

  1. Requirements for DepEd Teacher Salary Loan for new teachers not yet recieving official payslip.
  2. Official Certificate of Appointment for permanent/regular teacher
  3. Assignment Order from the Schools Division Superintendent
  4. Community Tax Certificate for the current year
  5. Two Valid ID – It can be your PRC ID, DepEd ID and pair with other valid IDs with Photos.

You need a Co-Maker, his/her signature and a Valid ID and his/her Latest pay slip. It is much easier if your c0-maker is already a member or had a loan from the institution.

The assignment Order I brought is the one signed by our District Supervisor so I had to go to the Division Office in Pagbilao to ask for it, but unluckily Our Schools Division Superintendent is not in his office in that time thankfully he attended our Multi-Grade Meeting in Mauban the next dayand approached him and kindly ask to sign my assignment order which is prepared by the Division Office Staff. I went back the next day to citysavings in the afternoon, as i remember, they are already closing but those nice and very kind citysavings staff still accomodated me. After filling soem forms and processing for 30 minutes, I think, I recieving my salary loan in cold cash, which brought me overwhelming feeling handing those cash in my bag.

The difference between this type of salary loan and the salary loan for the teacher receiving payslip already is that ‘CitySavings’ is temporarily deducting 3 months advance payment deposit and have you signed the promisory note incase you are still not getting your payslip 2 months after the date of loan. In my case I had my loan this July 25, 2014 my first deduction will be on september 2014. They will use that to pay the deduction if my name still do not appear in the payroll for three months. I think the highest amount that can be loaned is lowered to 350k Pesos.

God Bless. Thank you for giving your precious time. More power for all the Public School Teachers. Please, help me improve my english writing skills. I am open for comments.

For more info go to : CitySavings DepEd Salary Loan


Written by

Carlo Q. Coronacion


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